Gastronomy treasures from the Center of Portugal

Gastronomia do centro de portugal

In the Center of Portugal, you can taste the best that comes from the sea and the mountains. There’s Bairrada suckling pig, roasted young goat, Coimbra’s Chanfana and typical dishes such as caldeirada, grilled fish or fish soup. We pass by the conventual confectionery of the famous sponge cake, pastéis de Tentúgal, which will certainly leave you in the clouds. We finish with the nectar of the gods, wine, in its different varieties. It will be difficult to choose between what comes from the Sea and the Mountain…


Coimbra Style Chanfana

Mountain Specialty

Arroz de marisco

Seafood Rice

Sea Specialty

Everything is delicious and as pure and natural as possible, because that is how the people of the Center of Portugal prefer to live. Feel the pleasure of cultivating your garden and having the “Novidades” (vegetables that blossom early in the year) with which you can prepare the most exquisite typical dishes full of flavor and very healthy.


Don’t forget the conventual sweets

The conventual confectionery, timeless sweets with great tradition in Portugal, went beyond the convent to be preserved and perpetuated by future generations until the contemporary confectionery, where they are assumed as delicacies of mandatory consumption, both in the confectionery of the Center, and throughout the country. The choice varies and there is something for all tastes, among many others; we start in Aveiro with the Ovos-Moles, and the Pastéis de Tentúgal from Coimbra, up to Leiria with the Brisas do Lis, together with the arroz-doce, and finish in Figueiró dos Vinhos with the famous Pão-de-Ló.

Doces conventuais da pastelaria Confeitaria Santa Luzia de Figueiró dos Vinhos

Conventual Sweets

Confeitaria Santa Luzia-Figueiró dos Vinhos

Drizzle everything with a good wine

You can’t miss the high quality wines of the Centre of Portugal, which are the perfect accompaniment for many of its typical regional dishes and products. There are the sparkling wines from Bairrada, near the coast, the red wines from Dão, in the interior, or even the rosé wines from Beira Interior, before the Spanish border. There are also excellent quality wines from Terras da Sicó, where the guarantee of good raw material optimizes the production in quality, more than in quantity.

Vinho Rabarrabos

Rabarrabos Wine

Awarded in Italy as one of the best in heroic wine-growing production in the village of São Sebastião, in Penela.

You have very good reasons to come to the Center of Portugal and taste the best that life has in healthy gastronomy…

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