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Why is implantology so important in dental health?

This specialty of dental medicine aims to place one or more implants not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for reasons of health and self-esteem. The implant can be considered an artificial root that can be placed in either the maxillary bone (upper part of the mouth) or the mandibular bone (lower part of the mouth).

The dental implant is made of titanium, and does not cause any kind of reaction, since it is biocompatible, and therefore the dental implant has a great longevity.When we talk about dental implants, we refer generically to two parts. On the one hand, the implant itself, which corresponds to the artificial root of the missing tooth and is shaped and structurally resembles a “screw”. On the other hand, the crown, which is the prosthesis and the visible part of the whole work.

The implant provides a number of benefits, which go far beyond the aesthetic issue; it improves masticatory function and phonetic function. Since the implanted tooth looks natural, it also helps to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Gonçalo Silva

Clinical Director Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Gonçalo Silva warns that the lack of a single tooth causes health problems

Missing teeth can:

  • directly impairing the chewing of various foods and making swallowing difficult
  • cause other teeth to move, causing them to become misaligned
  • problems opening and closing the mouth, also known as occlusion
  • making it difficult to articulate words and impairing communication
  • cause bone resorption of the jaws

Why shouldn’t you wait too long to replace a lost tooth?

To fix a titanium implant, it is used the bone structure on which a natural tooth once existed. It is therefore important that it is placed relatively soon after the loss of the tooth, to prevent the bone structure from being resorbed, since the absence of bone can make implant placement unfeasible or require more complicated bone regeneration techniques.

Why is a good dental professional important in implantology?

Each treatment with dental implants is customized for each person, and it is fundamental to make a complete evaluation of the oral and systemic health status, to observe if there are no contraindications at the moment. Therefore, it is essential to consult a specialist in implantology with proven experience.

Going on a health and wellness tourism trip for implantology treatment?

We have found that some leading dentists rule out the option of placing implants for aesthetic reasons and others, on the contrary, consider it an alternative. The option for aesthetics, due to the consequences that implant treatment may have in the future, requires even more care in planning, diagnosis, proper material selection, and implant diameter selection in order to achieve a rehabilitation that meets the objectives.

Above all, many people choose to go on medical tourism, in search of a professional and caring solution with personalized attention. Health Tourism in Portugal inspires confidence and is increasingly sought after, much for being an alternative with excellent value for price-quality ratio. On the other hand, the hospitality, the climate, the direct contact with nature, and the Portuguese hospitality make for a rewarding experience.

Thus, with our partner GDS Clinic, you will find a high quality and competitive healthcare system, with state-of-the-art equipment and technological solutions and a modern and complete hospital environment, served by highly qualified professionals.

Therefore, to talk about medical tourism and health and wellness tourism in Portugal by GDS CLINIC is to be sure that you can rely on the existing offer, diagnosis, therapy, the skills of our health technicians, and the care provided by a modern network of professionals and partners that covers your entire stay in comfort and leisure.

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