Otoplasty is a fast and effective surgery

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Do you have low self-esteem because of your ears? The solution has a name and it is in the title of this text. Indeed, otoplasty is a fast and effective surgery. This procedure treats the common “flappy ears”, that is, it corrects the abnormal contour of the ears, which are more prominent and “detached”. It can be done from the age of 5, as the ears reach adult proportions by then. Otoplasty is a quick recovery surgery, it is not very invasive and the incision is very discreet.

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In general, Otoplasty has little pain. It is performed under local anaesthesia and on an out-patient basis. On the 7th postoperative day, sutures are removed. In other words, we can reinforce that otoplasty is a fast and effective surgery.

Dr. Ribeirinho Soares

Clinical Director and Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ribeirinho Soares answers…

We would also add that ear correction can be done from the age of 5. After all, the ears at this age are almost formed. Furthermore, children with less prominent ears may experience less bullying and its associated social disintegration. Therefore, it is advisable to perform this surgery at these ages. However, it will be performed with sedation and/or general anesthesia.

What is the estimated recovery time after surgery?

Although it may vary from patient to patient, with due care, the immediate recovery from otoplasty takes between 10 and 15 days. The stitches are removed at postsurgery appointments. After the 10th day, the initial healing takes about two months, taking about six months to complete.

How long does otoplasty last?

Normally, otoplasty lasts an average of one hour. The surgery must be performed in a hospital environment. The procedure is performed through an incision behind the ear, following the natural fold of the skin. Once again, we can state that Otoplasty is a quick and effective surgery.

Does otoplasty have any implications on hearing?

The processes related to hearing take place in the inner part of the ear. Although the procedure does not damage patients’ hearing, it may be affected by infections. One of the examples is otitis which, if not treated properly, can lead to deafness. However, infections after otoplasty only happen in rare cases. If the patient follows the doctor’s guidelines regarding the hygiene of the plastic surgery site, the chances of the problem happening are minimal.

Are there any restrictions to the surgery?

Firstly, it is important to mention that otoplasty is only contraindicated when, after analysing the exams, the doctor observes that the patient has a health condition that makes the surgery a risk. In this sense, some restrictions may be the existance of heart problems, clotting difficulties and anaemia.

If I have long hair, do I need to cut it to have the surgery?

No, As a matter of fact, hair helps the post-operative evolution by hiding the common swelling in the period after plastic surgery.

What some of Dr Ribeirinho Soares’ patients say and why they should undergo Otoplasty surgery:

Zachary Quinto
Source: Parmount Pictures

It was the best choice I made in my life. It completely changed my self-esteem. Since I was a child I was teased because of my ears, even my schoolmates called me Spock. Today I feel good, free and attractive; I have the freedom I wanted so much to do simple things that were not possible before. I even refused a job because of it. Today that problem is no longer part of my image and Spock is just the character from the Star Trek series aboard the USS starship.

Nicole Kidman in Cannes
Source: Cannes Festival

I was immensely ashamed of my ears. I wouldn’t wear my hair pinned up under any circumstances, although I dream of wearing Nicole’s hairstyle… That really messed with my self-esteem. One day I got courageous and decided to do otoplasty with Dr Ribeirinho Soares and the nurse who attended me initially was very attentive, friendly and cleared up some simple doubts, so we made an appointment for an evaluation. Today, I am very satisfied with the result obtained and my dream realised. I had all the support I needed before, during and after surgery. I can now take photos with my hair “pinned up” and imitate Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle whenever I feel like it!

Can I go on a health and wellness tourism trip for otoplasty treatment?

Otoplastia travel

Medical tourism is sought after by many people, in search of a professional and caring solution with personalised care – quality is increasingly valued above quantity. Health Tourism in Portugal inspires confidence and is increasingly sought after. Indeed, for many, Portuguese healthcare is an alternative with excellent value for money. After all, the good medical care and rehabilitation, the hospitality, the climate, the direct contact with nature and the Portuguese hospitality make this a rewarding experience.

With RIBEIRINHO SOARES, finds a health system of high quality above all competitive, with equipment and technological solutions of vanguard and a modern and complete hospital environment, served by highly qualified professionals. Therefore, talking about medical tourism and health and wellness tourism in Portugal for the WTT TREATMENTS is to be sure that you can rely on the existing offer, diagnosis, therapy, the skills of health technicians and the care provided by a modern network of professionals and partners covering your entire stay in comfort and leisure.

Above all at WTT TREATMENTS we are like one big family, by choosing your wellness tourism programme you are creating future bonds with trust, excellence and humanity!

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