Porto, one of the best cities to eat in

francesinha do porto

The city of Porto was distinguished in the gastronomy area by European Best Destinations, a travel site dedicated to promoting tourism in Europe, that annually publishes a series of lists that highlight various destinations, divided by categories… and Porto has no shortage of fantastic places to taste the local delicacies!

It will be difficult to choose or have the belly for everything

The Port wine and fresh seafood deserve praise – which you can taste at any of the best seafood restaurants in town.

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Restaurante Ostras e Coisas

Restaurante Ostras & Coisas

© Image by Cláudia Paiva- TimeOut

To stay in good style…

Casa Guedes has what it’s called extraordinary like pork shank sandwiches, a specialty that nobody has been indifferent to since 1987. It’s located at Praça dos Poveiros.

Casa Guedes

© Image by Miguel Nogueira- Porto.pt

Next comes a little francesinha

Typically in Porto, the history of francesinha comes originally from the Regaleira restaurant. However, throughout the city there are many places where the flavors are equally delicious (the list is huge). Every person from Porto has their favorite place and when we ask which one is the best, there are always more than 100 places listed. It is recommended that we eat a little francesinha from each of the restaurants to taste all the flavors.

Francesinha do Porto

Delicious freshly grilled fish

Those with more time to spare go from Porto to Matosinhos, and there are several restaurants available where the fish is selected from the fishing auction next door before being caught by local fishermen who bring their daily catches to restaurants. It’s impossible to be fresher than this!

Dourada Grelhada Matosinhos

We find more and more fantastic restaurants in Porto and surroundings, the choice is always difficult and we ended up choosing to visit each one of them!

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