The Seamless Medical Travel Journey of Our Most Recent Patient

Picture yourself embarking on a life-changing wellness journey, meticulously designed to ensure the success of your medical treatment while providing an unforgettable travel experience to Portugal.

Let us tell the recent experience of Thomas Huber with Wellness Travel Therapy (WTT) at the start of this month (May 2024).

Upon contacting Rosa, the leader of WTT, Thomas’ journey began. A bespoke concierge service seamlessly integrates with medical expertise, with Rosa orchestrating every detail. From Zurich to Porto, where the treatment occurred, she accompanied him throughout the entire surgery and post-surgery process until his return home.

Tom, as he prefers to be addressed, sought out distinguished service and was recommended to WTT by a friend. This is the compelling tale of a discerning Swiss individual who experienced firsthand the unparalleled difference WTT can make in the pursuit of holistic well-being.

Tom’s Testimony

From my initial conversation with Rosa, I immediately sensed I was in capable hands.

Her way of working with me truly stood out. I felt valued and supported throughout the process.

Thomas Huber

Tom’s decision to undergo blepharoplasty in Portugal stemmed from a concern regarding his peripheral vision. Upon articulating his treatment preferences to Rosa, the face of WTT, she swiftly connected him with esteemed medical professionals in Portugal.

I articulated my treatment preferences, and Rosa promptly initiated connections with a top-tier doctor in Portugal“, he recounts.

Before surgery, Tom had the opportunity to discuss (online) his needs and fears with the doctor, besides all the details of the post-surgery.

The Experience with Dr. Ribeirinho Soares Clinic

Tom felt cared for by Dr. Ribeirinho. “He was outstanding, not only as a professional but also in offering the best conditions. His clinic is modern and comfortable, and the staff is very helpful and discrete”, stated.

Dr. Ribeirinho initiated his project in 1998, aiming to establish a specialized clinic for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. By 2000, the clinic became a reality, prioritizing personalized care and technical excellence.

Specializing in advanced plastic surgery techniques and laser technology, the clinic underwent a complete renovation in 2017 to comply with updated European healthcare standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety for patients.

The Exceptional Service of WTT

Dr. Soares exuded competence and compassion throughout the entire process, thanks to his expertise and unwavering support.

Thomas Huber

What sets WTT apart is its unwavering commitment to personalized and comprehensive care. Rosa meticulously orchestrated every aspect of Tom’s journey, from arranging travel logistics to curating gastronomic delights during his stay.”Rosa anticipated my every need. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to crafting a seamless experience are unmatched“, Tom acknowledges.

Furthermore, Tom underscores the invaluable support rendered by Dr. Ribeirinho Soares, a distinguished Porto-based surgeon.

The Porto Experience

During his sojourn in Portugal, Tom had the privilege of immersing himself in the vibrant tapestry of Porto. “Exploring Porto was an enriching aspect of my journey. The city’s cultural allure heightened my overall experience,” he shares.

This underscores WTT’s ethos of not only facilitating medical treatment but also enriching the travel experience for its clientele.

The Experience with Dr. Ribeirinho Soares Clinic

As Tom reflects on his transformative journey, he extends heartfelt appreciation for the professionalism and care exemplified by WTT. “The removal of stitches proceeded seamlessly, and from my perspective, everything unfolded flawlessly due to the expertise of all involved” , Tom concludes.

Tom unequivocally recommends Wellness Travel Therapy to individuals contemplating medical treatment abroad. “Thank you for everything, Rosa!”

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