Tratamento dentário

Dental Treatments

Thanks to the investments made over the years in less invasive avant-garde techniques, today it is possible to perform complex treatments in a short period of time.

The patient who seeks our service will find a dedicated team committed to offer the best solution for a quality treatment during their vacation.

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Logistical support

Wellness Travel Therapy and its partners plan your trip for you, from organizing your stay to booking the tour programs and restaurants that best suit your interests.

Thanks to our network of contacts, you can plan your trip with us without worries and get the most out of your stay.

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Our partnerships

We have partnerships with some of the best national clinics, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and with professionals of excellence in the most diverse specialties of dentistry.

GDS Clinic

GDS Clinic is an oral care clinic focused on Oral Rehabilitation….

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why Portugal?

The practice of dentistry in Portugal is one of the best in Europe. Portuguese dentists are renowned for their technique, practicing excellent services at competitive prices, compared to other European destinations.

Besides performing your Oral Rehabilitation, you can enjoy a few days of vacation in one of the best tourist destinations in Europe, where the hospitality and friendliness make Portugal a unique pole of attraction.