Tribute to Resilience: Reflections on Women’s Month in March

“I feel responsible for paving the way, inspiring other women.”

In this month dedicated to celebrating achievements and reflecting on the challenges faced by women, I feel compelled to share my story. As someone who has moved between different cultures and faced various professional challenges, I recognize that my experience reflects the journey of countless women who strive daily in the business world.

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into these issues and my personal journey in an interview with “Pontos de Vista” magazine, a conversation that is in line with the celebration of Women’s Day. This sharing is not just about my achievements and obstacles but is also a mirror of the experiences of so many other women who, with determination and resilience, are building their paths in the business environment, fighting for recognition and equality.

By sharing my story in the magazine “Pontos de Vista“, I hope not only to reflect on my journey, but also to inspire other women to recognize and value their own journeys, highlighting the importance of our shared struggle for a more equal and fair future.

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Sobre Nós Donzília Rosa

1. Your professional career has been marked by diverse experiences, from Portugal to the United States. To begin with, to what extent have these experiences shaped your views on leadership and entrepreneurship?

Exposure to different business cultures and approaches to work has highlighted the importance of adaptability and innovation, which is now very much in vogue, but 20 years ago wasn’t exactly the case.

I learned that an effective leader must be able to navigate multiple perspectives, maintaining a clear vision and inspiring the team to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

My education in Social Sciences, my experiences as a traveler and my contact with other cultures have also been fundamental. Today I can put myself in other people’s shoes, which is indispensable in business.

2. In addition to your professional career, your personal journey is also noteworthy: born in Figueiró dos Vinhos, you have a deep connection with your hometown. How has this background influenced your approach to founding Wellness Travel Therapy? Are there elements of your heritage or local culture incorporated into your business approach?

That’s the most personal side of Wellness Travel Therapy, which I’ve never hidden. Authenticity, well-being, slowing down and nature are at the heart of our approach. These values are intrinsic to my hometown and childhood memories.

The experiences we offer are designed to reflect the simplicity, warmth, and richness of Portuguese culture, allowing our clients not only to take care of their health, but also to reconnect with the serenity of Portuguese rural life.

In our range of leisure, gastronomy, and tourism experiences you will find small local entrepreneurs. This is to ensure authenticity, but also as a way of giving back to the local community.

3. As the founder and leader of Wellness Travel Therapy, you play multiple roles, not only as a dedicated professional, but also as a leading woman. How do you balance these different aspects of your identity and experience in your daily work? Are there any challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Balancing the different hats I wear – the entrepreneur, the innovator, the adventurer and, of course, the Woman – is a bit like being a DJ. There are times for serious leadership music and others when I mix in a laid-back track.
I admit that sometimes the records of professional and personal life scratch a little, but that’s the beauty of improvisation.

As for the challenges, they’re like unexpected song requests at a party. They surprise you and make you dance in ways you never imagined. In the end, what matters is keeping the party going and making sure that everyone – the team, the clients, the family, and me – are dancing to the same beat.

4.Your company, Wellness Travel Therapy, stands out for its ability to offer quality healthcare and medical tourism experiences, with a network of highly qualified partners. How have you built and developed this network of partners over time? What are the key criteria you consider when selecting partners for the brand?

Building our network of partners was a careful and strategic process. We look for professionals and institutions that share our vision of excellence and commitment to customer well-being.

The key criteria in selecting partners is the quality of care, innovation in treatments and the ability to provide personalized experiences. Credibility, ongoing training, and hospitality are also decisive factors in our choice.

There is another important factor: the focus on women. Most of the non-invasive treatments and cosmetic surgeries we offer (you can check them out at are sought after by women from countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the USA.

Empathy and an understanding of the unique health and aesthetic challenges faced by women are an integral part of our selection criteria. It is essential that our partners share a particular sensitivity to creating an environment where women feel welcomed, understood, and safe. This care and attention are reflected in the trust and satisfaction of our clients, consolidating Wellness Travel Therapy as a preferred choice for women seeking not just aesthetic transformation, but a holistic care experience.

5. In the context of International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognize the role of women leaders in different sectors of society. As a woman leader and entrepreneur, how do you see the importance of this date?

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made and the challenges we still face as women leaders and entrepreneurs. This date reinforces the need to continue fighting for equal opportunities and recognition in the business world.

There’s a phrase I carry with me – “the best women empower other women”. I’d like to mention some of those who have supported me over the years: my 84-year-old mother, a mother of courage; the teachers in the USA – Rebecca Ford, Johane Bielik, Diane Nakamura; the WTT partners – Adelina Santos, a prosthetist at the GDS Clinic (which is why we are partners) and Filomena Bernardo, a self-esteem professional for cancer patients; Anabela Pinto (Bleenk), who reinvented herself during the pandemic; Margarida Fachada, for WTT’s first creation; and Daniela Silva (Up We Go) and Rita Silva (Comsoftweb), WTT’s marketing manager and digital manager, respectively.

When I receive messages from other women on social media, I feel responsible for paving the way, inspiring other women, and supporting the next generation of female leaders.
We can all make a difference in women’s lives with simple choices so that we can all thrive in an environment of inclusion and diversity.

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