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criança numa piscina termal

In the center of Portugal, you will find several places that are true sources of health and energy. Going to a Spa is taking care of yourself and your well-being, in an undoubted search for balance and healthy living. In Latin, “Salutem Per Aquam” (SPA) was already a concept of health and revitalization. Visit the thermal baths in the central region of Portugal and see for yourself what healthy living is all about!

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Water is life, purity and health

The natural mineral waters used in health and wellness treatments are true gifts of nature. Kept in unexplored worlds at great depths, these waters have unique and valuable properties in the fight against various diseases. Whether by ingestion, use on the skin, or inhalation, mineral waters have preventive and invigorating characteristics, eliminating toxins and renewing energies with each treatment. Among several treatments and massages, the most interesting is the hydrotherapy circuit that includes thermal water pools, jacuzzi, Turkish bath (sauna), etc

Piedade Thermal Baths Spa

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Relax and invigorate in the style of the Emperor, Augustus Caesar

Inspired by the cult of the body present in Roman society, SPA AQUA VENUS seeks to transport its users to a Rome of the XXI century, providing pure moments of relaxation and well-being, associated with specialized treatments. Inserted in a bucolic environment, surrounded by gardens and forest strongly appealing to relaxation, where little else can be heard but the roar of the water and the singing of birds, it cannot fail to satisfy those who come to us for this purpose. The sauna, baths, treatments and massages will be the final treat, surely capable of rejuvenating anyone!

pisicna interior do spa aqua venus

Aqua Venus Spa

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Curia Thermal Spa, excellence in the search for physical, emotional and mental balance

With a century of existence, Termas da Curia has a clinical staff specialized in hydrology and an experienced technical team, with a reputation as one of the best destinations for Health & Wellness tourism, with several programs to choose from in this area. The benefits brought to the circulatory system, which improved the oxygenation of the blood and also the musculoskeletal level, resulting in the relief of discomfort in the body. Health and Wellness Tourism is the product of excellence of Termas da Curia, providing a destination with all the conditions of comfort, tranquility and leisure, for those who need to break their routines and recover their energies.

Curia Thermal Baths Spa

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Luso Thermal Baths Spa

Luso Thermal Spa has an innovative concept of Medical Spa supported by three complementary valences: Therapeutic Thermalism, Thermal Spa and Medical Center.

Luso Thermal Baths Spa

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As you can see, in the center of Portugal you have several spaces to be embraced by peace and tranquility in scenarios carefully prepared to welcome and pamper you! We are already here, waiting for you!

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