Silence and soft eggs sweets in Aveiro

mulher a comer ovos moles em aveiro

Calm, peace and beauty have been increasingly valued by everyone. In the Ria de Aveiro you can now experience boat trips and birdwatching in pure silence with the company sterna, which uses solar-powered boats to provide you with nothing more than to listen to the lapping of the waters and the singing of the birds.

All the tranquility from bird singing

Aveiro is a place sought after by many bird species, which choose the area to feed, live and build their nests.In the case of the storks, we know that we are in Aveiro when we can even see them near the highways. There are other species that prefer quieter places and can be seen in various parts of the Ria.

flamingos na ria de aveiro


Banks of the Ria de Aveiro

Have the experience with sparkling wine tasting and soft eggs sweets from Aveiro with Wellness Travel Therapy.

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