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Orthodontics is the area of dental medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal problems and malposition of the teeth.

Orthodontic intervention aims at aesthetic correction, the main one being the correction of skeletal problems in order to obtain a stable occlusion.
To achieve this, specific orthodontic devices are used: removable appliances and fixed appliances!

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Why orthodontics is so important in dental health

This specialty of dental medicine aims at tooth alignment and a normal articulation between the upper and lower teeth. A correct adaptation of the dental arches allows for better breathing, better diction, prevents temporomandibular joint disorders, the appearance of cavities and periodontal problems. Besides all this, it provides pleasant aesthetics, improving self-esteem.

Dr. Gonçalo Silva - GDS Clinic

Dr. Gonçalo Silva

Clinical Director
Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation

Unaligned teeth cause health problems

Dental occlusion is associated with the functional relationship between the teeth, gums, temporomandibular joint and all the other components of this system.

Maintaining balance is essential for chewing, swallowing and phonetics. When this occlusion is not in a normal state, a dental malocclusion occurs.

In short, malocclusion is associated with the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth; this condition has consequences for your teeth and their functions.

Another consequence of dental malocclusion is temporomandibular dysfunction, a very common problem. Dental malocclusion can lead to significant consequences. Dental occlusion problems are the wearing away of enamel and the teeth themselves, discomfort with some movements, possible tooth loss, more frequent headaches, and problems with the jaw joint.

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